Through the activation process, you convert the Artlantis trial version into a fully commercial license. The serial number will unlock the time-bomb protection of the trial and make it run without time limit on the same computer. 

The Artlantis serial number is transferable as many times you need. If you wish to use Artlantis on a different computer, first you need to deactivate your license on your present computer and thus, release the serial number for a new activation. 


  • A specific Artlantis serial number composed of two groups of numbers of six digits each. The two groups are separated by a dash line. 

  • The Artlantis trial version installed on the admin session of your computer  

  • Administrator rights over the computer

  • Depending your personal security circumstances may temporary disable the firewall and antivirus 

  • In certain cases, on Windows computers, you may need to temporary disable the UAC (User Account Control) and restart your machine. After activation, the UAC can be activated again.
    (For more info on disabling the UAC on your computer, please read:


Artlantis can be activated automatically using the Internet connection of the current computer, or manually.

1/ Activation process via the Internet

- The evaluation period of the Artlantis trial version lasts 30 days. After it expires, you can any time open the License Manager for the activation. 

- Check that you are connected to the Internet. Artlantis will have to connect to the Abvent activation server

- Access the license manager by going to: Artlantis Menu > License...

NB: when launched, Artlantis will check automatically for an Internet connection.

- Click to the Activate button then enter your serial number.


2/ Manual activation procedure

Access the license manager by going to: Artlantis Menu > License... In case of no Internet connection on the computer running Artlantis, the dialog will automatically change after you hit the Activate button 


Follow the steps listed in the dialog:

1.: Enter your serial number

2.: An identification ID will be displayed in the dialog. Select and copy the whole ID. Make sure that each character was selected.

3.: On a device with internet connection, navigate to the following page:

4.: Enter your identification ID to the first field then click to the Connect to server button. An Activation ID will be generated and displayed in the below field. Select and copy it.

5.: Paste the activation ID into the Manual activation dialog field on your computer and click to activate.

3/ Deactivation process 

 - Make sure that your internet connection is on. 

- Open the License Manager of Artlantis: Artlantis menu - License Manager. The dialog will show that your serial number is active on your computer. 

- Click on the Deactivation link

- A message will confirm you the successful deactivation. 

4/ Potential Problems

1/ When clicking to Activate button you may receive the following messages:

This means that your license is already in use. To activate the license number on a new workstation, you must first deactivate it on the workstation currently using this serial number. You can then activate the serial number on a new workstation. Another solution is to purchase a new license at a reduced cost. Contact your reseller for more information.

2/ In case of hardware failure, your license cannot be deactivated. Please contact the Support Center and ask them for manual deactivation.

NB: You do not have to uninstall the software. Simply deactivate the license.

3/ Error message: License Cannot Be Validated. Please make sure that you entered the proper serial number. Make sure you installed the proper subversion that corresponds to your serial number: 

- you have installed the full trial and not only the upgrade version 

- f you have Studio license, make sure that you installed the Studio version and not the Render version for example.