Artlantis can be activated automatically using the Internet connection of the current computer, or manually.

To activate the product you should have administrator rights over the computer.

Depending your personal security circumstances, you may take additional steps to succeed with the activation.

1: You may temporary disable the firewall and antivirus on your computer.

2: In certain cases, on Windows computers, you may need to temporary disable the UAC (User Account Control). Then you have to restart your machine.

For more info on disabling the UAC on your computer, please read:

Activation process via the Internet


NB: when launched, Artlantis will check automatically for an Internet connection.

Click to the Activate button then enter your license.

Manual procedure

In case of no Internet connection on the machine we use Artlantis and the Artlantis website.

All steps you need to make is listed in the dialog.

1.: Enter your license

2.: An identification ID will be displayed in the dialog. Select and copy the whole ID. Make sure that each character was selected.

3.: Navigate to the following page when you are online.
4.: Enter your identification ID to the first field then click to the Connect to server button. You will receive an activation ID. Select then copy it.

5.: Paste the activation ID into the Manually activate field of the activation dialog. Then click to activate.

Potential Problems:

When clicking to Activate button you may receive the following messages:

Your license is already in use. To activate the license number on a new workstation, you must first deactivate it on the workstation(s) currently using this license*. You can then activate the license on the new workstation. Another solution is to purchase a new license at a reduced cost. Contact your reseller for more information.
In case of hardware failure, your license cannot be deactivated. Please contact the Support Center.

NB: *You do not have to uninstall the software. Simply deactivate the license.

License Cannot Be Validated. Please make sure that you entered the proper serial number. Make sure you installed the proper subversion that corresponds to your serial number. If you have Studio license, make sure that you installed the Studio version and not the Render version.