The stand alone application Artlantis KeyServer enables you to launch Artlantis on a specific number of workstations connected to a network.

This way, Artlantis can be launched on x number of client workstations simultaneously (where "x" is the number of workstations with licenses). After the number "x" is reached, Artlantis will not launch on any additional workstations without first closing it on one of the client computers or ending a session directly through the Keyserver interface.


  • A specific "Network" serial number.

  • A network with MAC and/or PC computers connected

  • A physical server computer, virtual machines are not supported

  • Install the Keyserver app as well as Artlantis on sessions with administrator rights

  • Make sure that all installed instances of Artlantis has the same subversion number.

The client workstations will be able to use Artlantis only if the KeyServer app is previously installed, activated and launched on a server machine. 

Installation of the Artlantis Keyserver app

Artlantis KeyServer application is not delivered by default with Artlantis. Download it from: www.artlantis.com

Install the Artlantis Keyserver app on a server.  The server can be any computer connected to the network. It is recommended to select a computer that is connected to the Internet. Please note that a machine cannot be host and workstation at the same time.

Activate the  Keysever app with your network serial number either via the Internet (recommended), or manually. 

Step 1 - Activate the Artlantis KeyServer app on the server

Activation via the Internet

  • Launch Artlantis Keyserver on the selected server computer

    - Click on Activate button and enter your serial number (the serial number is composed of two numbers separated by a dash)

  • Click on the OK button. A message will be displayed confirming the activation.

  • The license and network information are displayed in the Artlantis Keyserver Manager.

  • Click on Start to launch the KeyServer.


  • When using Windows Service, you need to restart it to be able to use the Artlantis Keyserver 

Step 2 -  Install Artlantis on the client workstations

  • Make sure that Artlantis and the Keyserver have the same and the highest subversion numbers. Download the latest updates from www.artlantis.com if necessary

  • Please note that you have to install Artlantis on each workstation manually.  Image file installation, or cloning the application are not supported.
  • Install Artlantis on the Admin session of the client's computers (run it with a right click > Run as administrator) where you want to use Artlantis

Step 3 -  Run Artlantis in a network environment

The client workstations will be able to use Artlantis only if the KeyServer app is previously installed, activated and launched on a server machine.

  • Make sure that Artlantis Keyserver is launched on the server. 
  • Launch Artlantis on the client workstations. When it is launched for the first time, the Artlantis License Manager will appear. Click on KeyServer to find an available key then Artlantis will search for the available KeyServer on the network. If there are available, free licenses on the server, Artlantis will be automatically activated and launched.

Running Artlantis clients on a sub-network 
  • If the Server is running and the message "No KeyServer found" is displayed on the client computer, it is probably because the client is on a sub-network.

  • In this case, you will be prompted to enter the IP address of the server.

  • Click on the Keyserver button

This operation must be performed on every Artlantis client in the sub-network.

The IP address of the server can be read in the Artlantis KeyServer. The IP address is stored by the client computer and it wont be asked again when the  client is relaunched.

The Keyserver interface: 

  • As soon as Artlantis is launched on a client's computer, it will appear listed on the right-hand side of the window.  The IP address of the server and the name of the connected client will be displayed. When moving your mouse over the client IP, details about the client will be shown: the IP address, OS type and Mac Address.

  • The left-hand part of the window displays the license and network information.

  • License Information: Shows the version number of Artlantis KeyServer and the serial number. 

  •  Network Information: Shows the number of allowed clients and the number of connected clients. Displays the IP address of the server. This helps a computer on a sub-network to enter the right IP address. 

  • The port number can be changed only when all clients are disconnected from the KeyServer. The KeyServer needs three available port numbers. By default, the port number is 50150. That means that ports 50151 and 50152 will also be used. Any port number other than 50150 can be entered. The new port number must not be used by a third party service and its increments +1 and +2 must be available. 

    - Artlantis 2019 port numbers: 50800, 50801, 50802

    - Artlantis 2020 port numbers: 50900, 50901, 50902

    - Artlantis 2021 port numbers: 50950, 50951, 50952

  • If a client cannot connect, please check that the Firewall allows incoming and outgoing connections. Exclude Artlantis and the Keyserver app from your Firewall and antivirus. (Changing this setting does not affect the security of the OS or the operation of other software. )

  • Disconnecting Clients: In the right-hand list, select one or more IP addresses, then click Disconnect. Conditions: you cannot launch Artlantis on a computer where the KeyServer is already launched. The KeyServer can be stopped at any time; there is no need to wait for clients to be disconnected.

  • The KeyServer can be started as a Windows service. Please refer to your Windows documentation on how to run an application as a Windows service.

KeyServer issues

  • If Artlantis prompts you to enter a serial number on a client workstation, check that the computer is connected to the local network. Check that the Artlantis KeyServer has been started on the server.
  • Only one KeyServer license can be run on the network at a time. This is true, regardless of the version of KeyServer Render or Studio.

  • Error 1: The maximum license number has already been activated on different computers. You must deactivate one on a computer before activating it on a new one.

The Maximum Number of Users Has Been Reached: Quit Artlantis on one workstation before launching it on another workstation. The KeyServer dialog lists all the connected workstations with their names and IP addresses. Select the workstation in the list, then click on the Disconnect button.

Updating Artlantis

We continuously work on fixing the known issues of Artlantis. Time to time we release a new subversions.
Users are prompted about it via an RSS link directly to the Artlantis launch screen.
It is highly recommended to perform these updates.

Please note that when deciding to update Artlantis in your lab, you have to update all the workstations and the keyserver, to avoid version conflict.

Step 1 - Update the Keyserver application on your server.

  • Please look for a new release of Keyserver application
  • In case you need to update the Keyserver, first you have to manually stop the Keyserver, then close the Keyserver application

  • Install the update by using the latest available installer.

  •  NB: You don't have to deactivate the Keyserver license when updating the software.

Step 2 - Update the Artlantis applications on your workstations.

  • Close Artlantis if it is running. Then you can perform manually the update on each workstation.