Information : The 3D grass is only available for Artlantis 2019.

Issue detected : You applied the 3D grass shader but you cannot see it in the preview nor in the final render.

Cause of the issue : In the preview, due to software speed reasons, the 3D grass won't be displayed by Artlantis. It will simply color the surface giving it a brownish setting. The 3D grass will only be calculated in the final rendering. 

How to solve it : Once the 3D grass applied, run the zone rendering tool to quickly check the result. 

If the grass is still missing from the final render, it is very probable that faces were reversed in the modeler and the shader was applied on the negative side. First, you'll need to change the orientation of these faces and reapply the shader again. 

If grass is not displayed after rendering please check that the distance from the "Falloff" in the shader used is sufficient.