Website :

Description : Panoramas, animations and still images created in Artlantis can be uploaded to Twinlinker, and you can create and share virtual visits directly in your browser.

Twinlinker is free for anybody. Use your Abvent ID to log into your personal area. 

Uploading your assets to Twinlinker is possible only through Artlantis.

Details of your personal space on Twinlinker: 

  • Creation of maximum 5 of virtual visits
  • 10 GB storage space
  • One publication at a time
  • Unlimited number of views
  • Can be used without time limit 

How to upload a presentation from Artlantis :

1. Establish the connection between your Artlantis and Twinlinker account in the Preferences of Artlantis: 

2. Check the "Upload to Twinlinker" checkbox when you start the calculation of a rendering: 

The presentation will be saved on your computer and at the same time it will be also uploaded to your personal area on Twinlinker. 

3. Log into Twinlinker in your browser and review your presentations

How to use Twinlinker

Twinlinker has an easy to use and intuitive interface. 


You can review your still images, animations and panoramas already in the assets. Panoramas are automatically wrapped by Twinlinker . 

Create Virtual Visits:

Under the Virtual Visits tab, click on the New Virtual visit link. After you name your visit, Twinlinker will automatically open the list of assets to choose the first panorama. Twinlinker virtual visits are always based on a panorama, therefor you'll need to choose a panorama first. 

In the edition part, you'll be able to link multiple panoramas, add annotations or link other presentations like still images and animations. 


The Shares tab allows you to generate different link types to be sent in an e-mail or to be embedded into a website. Shared visits  have a QR code too.  You can also follow the number of visits with the help of the diagram.