Artlantis (Full version), Keyserver and plugins downloads : here

! Please note :

> The Keyserver shouldn't be installed on a computer where Artlantis is already installed

> The Keyserver and Artlantis are not officially supported on virtual machines, please install them on physical ones

Screenshot showing the problem with virtual machines:

- Disable the antivirus/firewall on your server and on the client's computers

- Install the Keyserver on the Admin session of the server (run it with a right click > Run as administrator)

- Restart the server

- Activate your team license

- Open the ports used by the Keyserver on your firewall

- Artlantis 6.5 : 50150, 50151, 50152

- Artlantis 7 : 50700, 50701, 50702 

- Artlantis 2019 port numbers: 50800, 50801, 50802
- Artlantis 2020 port numbers:
50800, 50801, 50802
(The same port number of versions 2019 and 2020 means that you cannot run these two keyserver apps on the same server at the same time) 

- Restart the Keyserver (or the complete server if the Clients Allowed are still on 0)

- Install Artlantis on the Admin session of the client's computers (run it with a right click > Run as administrator) where you want to use Artlantis

- Run Artlantis and click on Keyserver

- Connect your computers to the Keyserver by entering the IP and Port showed on the Keyserver

The list of the connected computers will be displayed on the right panel of the Keyserver.

The first computer to connect (open Arlantis) will take one seat of the license.

The number of computers that can use Artlantis at the same time is determined by the number of seats your license contains.

You will need to disconnect (close Artlantis) one computer to be able to connect another one if all the seats are taken.