Issue detected : You can't see your Media in the Artlantis bottom bar

Causes of the issue : 

  1. You didn't open the Catalog panel
  2. The path to reach the Media folder is wrong
  3. You didn't install the Media folder

How to solve it : 

  1. Make sure you opened the Catalog panel by clicking on the dotted side of the bar at the bottom of the screen
  2. Check in the Artlantis Preferences,  if the right path is assigned to the Catalog. By default, the Media folder is installed here:
    • MAC : Macintosh HD/Users/Shared/Abvent/Artlantis/Media
    • WIN : C:\Users\Public\Documents\Abvent\Artlantis/Media
  3. You can also use custom path, or change it for a personalized folder.
  4. If the Media folder is missing, you’ll need to install it. Download the full Artlantis trial version  here and unzip it. Next the Artlantis installer , you'll find that of the Media.  Install only this one (there is no need to reinstall Artlantis) Make sure to download the right version Render or Studio, and version number, according to your Artlantis license.
    When finished, check in the Preferences if the right path appears. If not, redo Step 2.