Issue detected : On Windows system, Artlantis 6.5 can't open old files and shows an error message.

Cause of the issue : .dll files are missing in an Artlantis program folder.

How to solve it : 

1. Reach the folder C:\Program Files\Artlantis Studio 6.5

2. Copy the files :

   - AbventTools-Release-x64-MSVC12.dll

   - AbventXML-Release-x64-MSVC12.dll

   - CAtl6.dll

3. Paste them into the CvtATL5toATL6 folder of Artlantis forlder

4. Relaunch Artlantis and open the old file

NOTE: This problem has been fixed with the update of the 

24.10.2017 Artlantis version