Issue detected : You meet problems in running Artlantis and you want to report it to our Technical Support.

Utility of the diagnostic files  : The diagnostic files contain information about the configuration of your computer and Artlantis. Sending these files, you help the Technical Support to have more detailed information and to detect faster your issue. 

How to prepare it :

On MAC :

The diagnostic files or log files are located at this path: 

Macintosh HD/Users/<user>/Library/Application Support/Abvent/Artlantis

This is a hidden folder. To  access  it, do the following: 

In the Finder menu, roll down the Go menu while you hold down the option/alt key on your keyboard. The Library will appear and select it. Continue to the indicated folder. 

Zip together the content and attach it to your reply to the Technical Support. 

On PC :

- They are located in: C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\Abvent_Artlantis

   > This is a hidden folder. To have access to it, please follow the steps of this article.

Send it to our Support team :

- Please select the complete folder of Artlantis (including files and subfolders), compress it into a zip container and attach the package to your next email.